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Claire is a photographer, curator, member of the artistic committee of the Collectif Fetart since 2016. Within the Collectif Fetart Claire participates in the curatorship of the Circulation(s) Festival, which takes place every year at 104 Paris, but also many other events organized by the collective, such as the Photographic Meetings of the 10th arrondissement of Paris, the exhibition Face(s) of Europe in connection with the town hall of Paris and the EUNIC, the Caritas Photo Sociale Prize, etc...

Claire is notably at the origin of the creation of the photo studios of the Circulation(s) festival.

Mother of 4 boys, she is sensitive to the future of youth and also intervenes on a voluntary basis to fight against school dropout in difficult suburbs, through photo workshops with young people.

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Clara Chalou, Administrator and Project Manager of Mesnographies. Clara has a master’s degree in International Artistic Cooperation. She worked as a production and administration manager at CENTQUATRE-PARIS in the cultural engineering department, at the launch of the Hasard Ludique cultural center (Paris 18th) and was general coordinator of the fetart collective - Circulation(s) festival. She is now independent in cultural engineering on administration, artistic direction and production missions specializing in events in public spaces.

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As we embarked on this adventure, we were joined by a whole team of women, the women of our village.

Whether they are mothers, grandmothers, single, working or not, they have all found a motivation, an activity and even for some a goal through the festival! Thanks to them, we have a solid and committed team of volunteers!



The  artistic direction of the festival is curated by 3 women coming from different worlds such as fashion, contemporary art and photography and a great team of volunteers!

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Maud first comes to us from the fashion world where she worked for the modeling agency, Next Management Paris, for 10 years.
Then she decided to take on the world of advertising, which is when she joined OgilvyOne Worldwide, as a graphic designer and motion designer. At Ogilvy, she sharpens her eye as an artistic director and asserts her creativity.

Today, Maud joins the Artistic Direction of Mesnographies and remains a Graphic Designer and Freelance Artistic Director.



Consuelo was born in Argentina but grew up in the United States then she married a Frenchman and came

settle in France. Consuelo passed the first 5

years of his professional life in the art world

after training in the contemporary art market

before turning to the world of fashion. Consuelo is truly passionate about art and culture.

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